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About Outbound 4x4

Welcome to Outbound 4x4 formed in 2012 by managing director Justin Howells . Outbound 4x4's mission is to be your central port of call for Land Rover upgrade parts, exterior and off-road accessories to enhance either the look, or performance of your Land Rover.

"It would seem that I was always destined to become an avid Land Rover enthusiast. When I think about my Land Rover history I remember going on holiday as a young child in the back of an old lightweight and camping in an Series 2 doormobile. I even started secondary school in a 110.  It seemed logical that when I turned 17 my first car would be a Land Rover 90. From there I have owned many Defenders, Discovery's and Range Rover's and changed more engines and gearboxes than I care to remember.  It has been a dream for a long time to develop my favourite hobby into a lifestyle .... and a lifestyle it has become. 

In my time as a Land Rover driver I have seen the Defender go from an agricultural vehicle that most would not be seen in, to a fashion icon that stands out from the crowd.  However having owned many other luxury vehicles such as BMW's it has always struck me that although too look at and drive the Defender is great, but with its roots based back in 1981 and the basic design changing very little its lacking many creature comforts that most drivers have come to expect as the norm. I started developing ideas of designs and products that given the time and money I would like on my own Defender and  thus the idea of Outbound 4x4 was born. After a few years of planning, developing and learning we are now pleased to present our first line of products and 1st specialist product in our range of DRL kits. It is my goal to produce an ever evolving wide range of products that address the usability of Defenders and all Land Rover vehicles. To not only make them look better but to increase their safety, comfort and performance."

Justin Howells
MD Outbound 4x4

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